About Fine Principles

Fine Principles is the Berlin-based label founded by Alexandra Schwarzwald. She forms jewellery objects according to principles of maths and design, which are made in Pforzheim, Germany, from recycled and certified precious metals.

FP supports responsible consumption — therefore the focus is on small quantities and production on demand. So, it takes four to six weeks to make a piece and send it to your home.

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I was always bad at maths, but at the same time fascinated by simple forms and geometry. — Alexandra Schwarzwald

About Alexandra Schwarzwald

Alexandra speaks the visual language of geometric shapes and flexible grids. In doing so, she uses the possibilities of the folding technique and follows a meticulous principle of order.

In 2015, Alexandra found her way into the world of jewellery making for the first time. So she transferred her graphic language to object design and created multi-faceted wax models by hand in her studio in London. Back at this time, she was already taking her first systematic approach by removing wax to play with different numbers of facets.

On 28/29/30 October 2022, the very first ‘Series XF’ was finally presented to the public at the BLICKFANG design fair in Hamburg.

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Fine Principles, Goldsmith atelier
Fine Principles, Goldsmith atelier
Fine Principles, Goldsmith atelier
Fine Principles, Goldsmith atelier
Fine Principles, Made in Germany
Fine Principles, Goldsmith atelier

About the process

The goldsmith’s work differs depending on the product, of course, and he is not the only person involved in the whole process. There are many steps going on behind the curtain, including the work of the product manager, the caster, the goldsmith, and the process of (galvanic) plating. These wonderful professionals help transform ideas into concrete objects and bring the pieces to life.


Everything starts with research work and the examination of folding. From here basic ideas are drawn, finalized and printed in 3D. After reviewing the models and making any necessary adjustments, the CAD drawings are then reviewed by the goldsmith for feasibility with regard to production.


Based on the final CAD designs, a template is created in metal, which is used to produce the final form. In the future, all pieces are cast in the desired alloy using this silicone mould. The pieces are then handed over to the goldsmith, who trims and cleans everything by hand.


The work of the goldsmith differs depending on the product. After soldering ear pins or connecting eyelets, for example, our objects are branded and stamped. This stamp, also called hallmarking, provides information about the fineness of the material used and is the classification of fine jewellery.


One last step is the so-called electroplating in the desired colour and layer thickness. For the rings, we offer 5 μm and for all other pieces 3 μm. After quality control, the finished piece is ready to be shipped to your home. If you require a specific thickness, please let us know.

About the facets

We love the aesthetics of sharp edges, and we hope you do too. That’s why we leave the surface as unfinished as possible after casting to preserve this feature. This also means that the surface and shape may vary slightly from object to object.

To keep the folds authentic, they are also continued on the inside of the rings. If you need further information about wearing comfort, please let us know.

About the materials

Our pieces are produced in small quantities in Pforzheim, Germany. The recycled materials are certified precious metals and nickel-free, also additional elements such as ear pins or chains.

Our goldsmith atelier purchases sterling silver, gold, and platinum from a supplier nearby, which is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and follows the standards of CoC (Chain of Custody) and CoP (Code of Practices). To make it short, the RJC is the world’s leading organization for sustainability in the jewellery industry.

Customized alloy

We also offer customized alloys on requests like recycled white gold and recycled rosé gold in 14 or even 18 karat. If you only prefer thicker plating, that is possible, too.

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