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Fine Principles

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Fine Principles

Fine Principles is the jewellery label founded by Alexandra Schwarzwald from Berlin. Since 2022, she has been creating multi-faceted pieces inspired by folding techniques.

In October 2022, ‘Series XF’ was launched with a total of 28 jewellery objects, and six categories. The pieces are classic creations such as rings, creoles, circled and straight earrings, pendants and a bangle, which can be freely combined with each other.


The term ‘Fine Jewellery’ refers to all jewellery made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. In our case, we use recycled, nickel-free and certified materials from suppliers in Pforzheim, Germany.

The second part relates to mathematical and design principles, which simply means that we use the potential of folding grids and transform them from 2D to 3D to create multi-faceted jewellery. To play with the number of facets and dimensions, we use a mathematical sequence — Geometric Series — as a helpful tool.


Multi–faceted jewellery can be recognized by the fact that it is covered with many flat or smooth surfaces, such as a diamond.

When it comes to our rings, for example, we play with 64, 128 and 256 facets. Unlike other ring models, we break with convention and continue the folding on the inside of the rings. If you are wondering whether it is comfortable to wear — simply try it out yourself.


XF is derived from the folding technique ‘X-Form’. As the name suggests, the X-shape consists of a repeating pattern of triangles that resemble successive X’. For example, if you fold a ‘Heaven & Hell’, also known as ‘Salt & Pepper’, you get edges called ‘Valley’ and ‘Mountain’ folds in paper folding.

Unfolded, the result is a grid consisting of three horizontal, three vertical, three 90°, and three 180° diagonals. These lines form exactly 32 right triangles. In this way, flexible design grids are created through duplication or combination, which, transferred to 3D objects, take on a dynamic of their own.


Each piece has an ID, which is characterized by a number and letter code. For example, behind XFCE64S2 is the series ‘X-Form’, the object ‘Circle Earring’, the number of ‘64’ facets, the size ‘S’, and the material thickness of ‘2’.

In the case of creoles, exactly ¼ of the facets are missing. However, they are described with a complete number since the design is based on circle earrings. And we only count the facets that define themselves according to the grid and not the endings or beginnings.


Our jewellery is available exclusively from us, so far. You can pre-order online or buy pieces at markets and design fairs where we sell small-scale production.


Don’t worry about it. It has happened to all of us before. Please contact us at support@fineprinciples.com as soon as you notice the mistake, preferably the same day or the next day. Despite our best efforts, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to change your order.


You can cancel your order, but please ensure you do so as quickly as possible, preferably the same day or the next day.


We accept PayPal | Apple Pay | Credit Card
If you pay by credit card, you will be charged when the contract is concluded. If you pay in advance, the pre-order will be put into production after receipt of payment, and we will deliver the order after completion.

Pay by Invoice
You will receive an invoice for your order from us. Please transfer the amount to our bank account within 14 days. As soon as we have received the payment, your order will go into production.

Alexandra Schwarzwald
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
DE84 4306 0967 3094 1346 00


Unfortunately, we don’t. At the moment, our prices are quoted in Euro (€).


There are no refunds on gift cards, as each order is sent with a personalized voucher code. Furthermore, we can’t pay out the voucher in cash. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Our jewellery is made in Germany — in Pforzheim to be more precise. This means that we produce locally and receive materials from Pforzheim as well. Additional elements such as ear pins or chains are purchased in Berlin.


We want to support responsible consumption — therefore, we focus on small quantities and production on demand. So, it takes several weeks to make a piece and send it to your home.

This is because there are various processes going on behind the scenes — both internally and externally. To make it short, the actual production takes place in five steps after the design phase:

→ CAD works & 3D printing
→ Moulding
→ Casting
→ Goldsmith works
→ Plating & quality control

However, as we are present at selected jewellery and design fairs throughout Germany and bring a small selection of jewellery with us, you can also buy pieces on site. We will post all future events on social media, or just sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date.


All cast pieces are made from recycled 935 sterling silver and are available in three plated colours — grey (palladium), yellow (18k gold) and pink (18k rose gold). Additional elements such as ear pins or chains are also made from recycled materials purchased in Germany, Berlin.

We also offer special alloys like Fairtrade Gold if required. Our caster receives the gold from Fairever, which is specialized in trading precious metals from responsible small-scale mining.


Both the caster and the goldsmith we work with purchase precious metals from local suppliers in Pforzheim who are certified by the RJC (CoC/CoP). The Responsible Jewellery Council is the world’s leading sustainability organization in the jewellery industry.

Additionally, the production receives Fair Gold from Fairever, which is a certified supplier for Fairtrade Gold and Silver and an authorized supplier for Fairmined Gold and Silver.

Plus, our production complies with REACH regulations throughout the entire supply chain. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals and is a regulation of the European Union (EC) No 1907/2006.

Protection & care

We would like to point out that jewellery is also an object of use. Please note that gold-plated rings in particular can be scratched more quickly than earrings. This is quite normal, because by wearing the pieces, they automatically come into contact with other objects.

In order to protect the surface for as long as possible, the pieces should not be stored loosely in a box or box together with other pieces. They can then hit each other and the plating or tarnish protection can rub off. It is advisable to always store them in the jewellery bag and/or box when not in use, especially when travelling.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, deodorant, soap, or lotion. Because they are full of chemicals, they can tarnish or even destroy the surface of the jewellery. When cleaning a piece, be careful with alcohol or bleach substances as well. And in case you have an ultrasonic cleaner at home, please contact us before using it. It can shake off dirt, but it can also damage your jewellery seriously.

Also, keep the jewellery in a dry place and protect it from direct sunlight. We suggest that you always take off the pieces when swimming in the sea, during long sporting activities or even washing your hands, if possible. If the pieces get wet, a silver cleaning cloth is suitable, with which you can gently rub the pieces dry.


Even jewellery wants to be worn every day, and you can too. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that all products wear out over time. This is quite normal, as jewellery comes in contact with elements or other objects.

If your piece gets wet or dirty, a silver cleaning cloth is suitable, but be very gentle with the surface. You can also contact us and ask for a refreshment, if needed.

Repair & touch-up

If one of our pieces needs to be repaired, you can either take the jewellery to a goldsmith you trust or send it to us. Before you do this, please contact us first and describe your case by writing a short explanation and attaching a picture. In this case, you may be asked to contribute to the repair costs, whereby you will receive a cost estimate in advance.

However, a repair does not cover everyday wear or poor maintenance, such as darkening, shocks, marks, stains, scratches, deformation, or natural wear and tear.


During the touch-up, the goldsmith will sandblast and plate the surface of the jewellery again. However, this does not mean that everyday wear such as shocks, scratches, or deformations can be refit.


Unfortunately, we can not change ring after production, because of the facets. With a ring machine for stretching or reducing sizes, it would merely dent the edges from the inside and outside.

Find more information on how to find out the correct fit with measurement tools and stencils to cut out at our size guide.


Following current legal regulations, you as a customer have a period of two years from the date of delivery of your product to make claims arising from the legal guarantee of conformity or hidden defects.

We will cover any quality problems upon presentation of proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover everyday wear or poor maintenance, such as darkening, shocks, marks, stains, scratches, deformation, or natural wear and tear. Nor does it cover products to which the legal guarantee of conformity no longer applies due to their quality on the date of purchase. In this case, you may be asked to contribute to the repair costs, and we will send you a cost estimate.

If your jewellery is delivered with a defect, please contact us at support@fineprinciples.com immediately so that we can get to the bottom of the cause.

Please include the following in your email:

→ Proof and date of purchase (order number)
→ Photos of the item as a whole
→ Photo and short description of the problem that occurred

We thank you in advance for your help.

Shipping & return

Within Germany, you do not have to pay any additional shipping costs. Everything is already included in the price. More information about shipping costs in Europe will follow shortly.


Our products are shipped with DHL GoGreen within Germany and to the following EU countries: Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Finland / France / Greece / Italy / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Netherlands / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain

If your country is not listed, please contact us at hello@fineprinciples.com and we will try to find an individual solution.


At the moment, we only accept orders on request without express service, as production takes several weeks anyway. Thank you for your understanding.


As long as we have not sent you a shipping confirmation, you can change your address. Please contact us at support@fineprinciples.com to exchange further details.


You have the right to return the jewellery within fourteen days without giving any reason. Find more information at Revocation.


Customized pieces of jewellery are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

General questions
You can find the right size using our size guide. Here you get information about ring dimensions, bangle sizes and chain lengths. Download the document and make sure that the document is printed in original size and not scaled. If you need further instructions, contact us, and we will try to help you.

Precious metals like gold and silver are generally very suitable for everyone who suffers from allergies. As all our products are nickel-free and made from recycled materials — mainly recycled 925 and 935 silver — the source of danger is very low.

However, should you experience a skin reaction to any of our pieces, please contact us, and we will try to help.

Sure. Let us get together via Zoom so we can talk about the following subjects:

✓ Size guidelines — Find the correct size
✓ Alloy & colour — Customize your jewellery
✓ FAQ — About us, principles or materials

If you have another topic in mind, that is fine too. Choose a date for a 30-minute Zoom call, so that we can discuss your needs in detail.