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Find your correct size with our guides or contact us directly if help is needed.

Ring dimensions
Fine Principles uses the International standard system ISO (8653:2016), which defines ring sizes in terms of the inner diameter of the ring and is measured in millimetres.

Our ring sizes are 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60. There is also the option of intermediate sizes such as 51 or 55, and much smaller or larger sizes on request. Please contact us and we will come back with a solution.

Inner diameter Ø and circumference C in mm:
5015.92K105 1⁄4
16.3151.2L11.25 3⁄4
16.5151.9L 1⁄211.96
16.7152.5M12.56 1⁄4
17.1253.8N13.86 3⁄4
17.3254.4N 1⁄214.47
17.7355.7O 1⁄215.77 1⁄2
17.9356.3P16.37 3⁄4
18.3457.6P 3⁄417.68 1⁄4
18.5458.3Q 1⁄418.38 1⁄2
18.9559.5R 1⁄219.59
Ring sizes
There are two different ways to measure your ring size. First, print the page (download below) on an A4 sheet and make sure that the document is printed in its original size and not scaled.

1. Measure with a current ring

Next, place an existing ring on the circles until you find the inside diameter of your ring. If your ring is between two sizes, please contact us and we will offer you an intermediate size.

2. Measure with a ring sizer

Cut out the sizer (download below), pull the tab through the slit and wrap it around the largest part of your finger. Pull it tight until the sizer fits comfortably — tight enough, so it doesn’t fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. For best results, measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm.
Bangle sizes
Measure with our template

Cut out the templates and carefully put your hand through the hole. We recommend cutting along the inside edges and not along the circumference (dashed line). Because of the angular shape, the bangle might otherwise turn out a little smaller.
Chain lengths
Depending on the pendant, the length of the chain varies. XFPD128M4 comes with a 37 cm chain, XFPD128L4 with 45 cm and XFPD128XL4 with 61 cm. We also offer other lengths if required.
Download our size guides
Click on the download button and print out the sheet. Please make sure, that the document is printed in its original size and not scaled. For more instruction, get in touch with us and we try to help you.