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Our pieces are made from RJC-certified and recycled 935 sterling silver, but we also offer custom alloys such as Fairmined gold. Just contact us for a quote →

Series: XF
Category: Creole
Facets: 512
Size: L
Thickness: 2 mm
Dimension: 2.82 × 40 × 40 mm

Our pieces are made from RJC-certified and recycled 935 sterling silver, and come with an unpolished finish. We also offer custom alloys on request, such as Fairmined silver, and gold. Feel free to contact us for a quote →

We love the aesthetics of sharp edges, and we hope you do too. To maintain this particular feature, we leave the surface as pure as possible after casting. Accordingly, all our pieces have a slightly textured but shiny surface.

Just a quick reminder — A piece of jewellery can be worn every day, which means that plated rings and bracelets, in particular, can wear off more quickly than earrings. It is completely normal as they automatically come into contact with other objects. Hence, we offer a touch-up service in which the goldsmith cleans the surface, and plates your piece again. Let us know if this is the case →

Please note that the colour and finish of the image may differ from the original piece.

Learn more about certified precious metals, how to protect your jewellery, and our production process. Find out by reading further →

We use the International standard system ISO (8653:2016), which defines ring sizes in terms of the inner diameter of the ring and is measured in millimetres.

52 16.55
54 17.19
56 17.83
58 18.46
60 19.10
Our standard sizes are 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60, which you can find in the size guide.

We also offer larger ones on request. Please contact us at hello@fineprinciples.com and let us know your desired ring size.

Chain lengths are described in its actual length in centimetre, as well as all other sizes (S, M, L, and XL).

Explore our size guide →

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Shipping costs within Germany — Free
Shipping costs within Europe — € 9.00

At the moment, we only accept orders on request without express service, as production takes several weeks anyway. Thank you for your understanding.

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